fredag, augusti 04, 2006

Om enheten

Touch the fence because the internet shocks the unnatural sexy freaks. Of jumping at the right moment in being in the air. It's not duplicate shocking all our Brainiacs runs all the way to here let's fuck up the Brainiac you got that far allright change all that and do it again so earth the current never got past this ready three two one go it 's killed that Brainiac what happens to all the Brainiacs now the first four three two one go wow because they held hands what happens if you three two one go look at that some people never learn if you are in a car speeding at the end of easy to digest that really is disgusting it 's a simplified version of what goes on in your stomach it 's up up exactly how beautiful do these women become after one beer after the course of Brainiacs we discovered potential of a wheelchair much more stable it wasn't dissipated until we have just one more frontier to conquer we can shut it off three two one go let's see how it works we're not expecting much here it is a chicky business we're not giving up yet this is a six parallel just in case six is the magic number okay stand back three two one i don't think we should look at that as a failure here's what we will do stop following experiment is dangerous when the gases egnite last time you were here we can Barry the committee should know that you have already told my grandson-in-law that we're will you stop this the final selection all my life seemed a preparation of we have been sent below most of them avoided my i don't honestly think that i have ever been that happy who will be the next conservative i woke up with a headache i hate elections it's a massacre clark allan allan clark

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